lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


A wonderful trail through the eucalyptus forest near the community allows visitors arrive Peguche Waterfall. 
The community has worked really hard  to create an attractive and informative way reaching the sacred waterfall.

This site is considered as an indigenous ceremonial center, because here is perform purification baths to start the Inti Raymi holydays or Festival of the Sun and Crops.

It is 23 kilometers from Ibarra, 10 minutes off of the Panamerican Highway and 2 km from Otavalo . Peguche Parish.

It has a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 18ºC.

During the summer solstice ( December 22 ) the inhabitants of nearby communities come at night to take a ritual bath in the waters of the waterfall, this ceremony will prepare spiritually for the new year begins , both their fields and in their own lives.


from Quechua pacha "earth", manka "pot" is a traditional Andean dish based on the baking, with hot stones in a earthen oven, add some lamb, pork, chicken or guinea pig, marinated in spices with others andean products, such as potato, green beans or "habas", sweet potato, cassava or "yuca", humitas, some corn and tamale is included in the baking, cover everything with achira leaf, some earth, more hot stones and make a campfire on top the preparation for 4 and a half hours.

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